​​COVID-19 and Lorretta Lynn’s 2020 Amateur National Championship

Just to bring you up to speed on what 2020 Amateur National Championship Racing may look like, due to Covid 19 and CDC guidelines as well as individual state guidelines with the present closures of assembly this is being looked at by AMA & MX Sports. 

At present MX Sports has moved all Area Qualifiers into May and early June. In some regions there are multiple qualifiers running on the same weekends. Due to the Governor of VA being the only State with a stay at home rule until June 10th. Birch Creek (NE) and Pro Sport (SE) do not presently have a date on the schedule. If the Governor relaxes the order and drops back to May 30 we likely would both have a date running in opposition with another track running at same time within the regions? 

If we are not allowed to race by mid June the next alternative schedule would be “Super Regionals” running in late June and early July. These would be open registration and there would be a 3rd Regional in each region. There would be 1 for Youth, 1 for Amateur and 1 for Senior classes and they may be 2 or 3 days each. 

Should that not be able to come to past Loretta Lynn’s would be split into 2 weeks with Youth 1 week and Amateur/Senior a different week. How that will work has not been finalized as of now.

There is a question of delaying the National Championship but no decision will be made until the Covid 19 Pandemic has passed.

Just remember that this is a very fluid situation and is subject to change at any moment.  

As we go forward we can decide what the Districts points program and the awards program will look like including the US Eastern Series award program.

I hope all of you are healthy and ready to go at a moment’s notice as we get back to a normal life, back to work and play.


Carl Reynols